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Aimee celebrates 30th at Rondevlei

Niece Aimee Marais celebrated her 30th birthday with friends and family on Rondevlei Farm over the weekend of 8 – 10 February, 2019. Revelers came from far and wide to enjoy the celebrations.

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Snail Farming commences at Rondevlei Farm

The Oelofse family has established the first phase of their snail farming venture at Rondevlei Guest Farm. The snails are first housed in a breeding room and once manure enough they are relocated into the 3200m2 tunnel system. Contact Johan Oelofse for more information 082 3307579.

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110 Happy Hippy Party 27 & 28 April 2018

110 Happy Hippy Party

110 Happy Hippy Party

Gap Year options for overseas students

After meeting a group of Chinese students travelling in South Africa, they suggested that we look into the possibility of offering Bootcamp @ Rondevlei as an educational Gap Year venue to students wishing to learn or improve their English and to participate in a variety of Life Skills programmes – First Aid, Self-defence, cooking and culinary course, astronomy, field guiding, environmental programmes etc. As we have a number of qualified English teachers living in the area that would like to participate in the programme along with the necessary instructors and teachers to cover the life skills courses and a suitable venue.

We can accommodate 30 students at a time for a 3 to 6 month “Gap Year” programme. The course is primarily aimed at teaching students to be fluent in English and to offer them a variety of Life Skills courses. They also have the opportunity to participate in community projects, cultural and environmental education. Further, we offer more adventure/leisure activities in our area than anywhere else in the world and students are thus encouraged to
participate in these activities. Email: for more information.
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New Bush Bungalow

The recently constructed Bush Bungalow at Rondevlei Farm is a comfortable stilted unit with an open plan kitchette, dining room and bedroom, with bathroom and balcony. It has a queen size bed to accommodate two person sharing and a braai facility. Contact Andre’ for more info: 082 4400200.

Bush Bungalow

Bush Bungalow



Perfect getaway for schools and holiday groups

Rondevlei Farm in Wilderness offers a perfect getaway for holiday makers and adventure groups looking for affordable, yet comfortable accommodation in the very heart of the Garden Route. Its also perfect for school groups looking for a suitable venue for adventure and social camps. Contact Ronel for more information on 082 4572726 or email:

Home Base & The Barracks The Barracks & Home Base

Glenwood House Prefect Camp 2014

Glenwood House held its Grade 7 prefect camp at Bootcamp in the first week of January, 2014. The main focus was to equip the young leaders with ‘servant leadership’ skills, opportunities for team work and a whole lot of fun. All the objectives were met successfully achieved.

Luke Gauche’ turns 13

Luke Gauche’ celebrated his 13th birthday party on Saturday and Sunday 27 January, 2013 at Bootcamp with 20 of his classmates. It was a sleepover with the boys in the Barracks and the girls in Home Base. After some fun and games on saturday they had a braai in the boma followed by as much cake as they could eat. The cake was especially baked with decorative chocolate  fish (as Luke is now big into fishing – along with karate, athletics, crickets etc etc) by mom Ronel. Then it was disco time in the Carribean themed Barracks till 11pm when all were banished to bed. Sunday was fishing, kayaking and a picnic at Kaaimans River.

Bootcamp – First junior Slow Food potjie for grade 7’s


In what is a first for the Garden Route, Glenwood House in George organised a “slow food” potjie kos competition for their grade 7 learners at Bootcamp@Rondevlei in Wilderness on Thursday 29 November.

Both grade 7 classes amounting to 40 learners and their two teachers, Philip Vercueil and Mrs Muller arrived on Rondevlei Farm on a bright sunny morning to be greeted by farm animals and potjie fires already crackling happily.

Sedgefield’s own international master chef Colin Capon was in attendance to give a presentation and to judge the best pot. The morning was started off with a soccer game on one of the fields, a brief excursion through the obstacle course and a quick swim in the farm dam. It was then down to business. The teachers congratulated them on completing their last year in primary school and wished them well for the journey through high school. Colin, in true master chef style, gave an entertaining presentation on the importance of food in everyone’s lives; the taste, the flavours, the presentation and very importantly, the preparation.

Then it was showtime. Four teams were elected and each team was given their box of ingredients; which included a whole chicken or lamb chunks, rice, potatoes, onions, carrots, marrows, stock, a variety of fresh herbs and an array of spices. There were also a few special ingredients on the side to help enhance the flavours – garlic, anchovies, chillies and ginger. It was then down to the participants to regulate their fires, clean and heat their pots, caramelise their onions, prepare and brown their meat and then to systematically add the remaining ingredients. All the while master chef kept a beady eye on matters and gave advice when necessary. In no time delightful aromas started wafting across the cooking areas while participants were frantically busy nurturing their fires and adding ingredients were required. It was then time to nominate a fire-keeper and assistant to keep an eye on each pot and the rest of the gangs were off to play more games, catch a swim or to quench parched throats.

By 1pm master chef declared that the time had come to present the various pots to the judges. Tables were decorated with flowers off the farm and sample dishes stood steaming in anticipation of the judge’s scrutiny. Eagerly the teams waited while master chef took note of the presentation, the aroma, the textures and of course the taste. What a difficult task lay ahead – all four teams prepared their pots to the book – exactly as chef had explained. Everyone took responsibility to ensure that their fires were just right, that the veggies were peeled properly, that just enough spices and herbs were added and that their pots were left to steam slowly in just enough liquid. And the  golden rule was to cook slowly and never to stir the pot.

After much deliberation, master chef gave first place to team 1 for coming closest to the perfect pot. For this they were presented with a goodie bag and a handshake from a chef that has cooked for the Queen of England and King Hussein of Jordan to name a few. It was then munch time and everyone eagerly tucked in. After chow and an ice cream for dessert it was back to the playing fields.

 The winning team’s recipe:

2 whole chickens (make sure you cut the various portions and remove excessive skin and fat)

12 small potatoes (washed but no need to peel)

2 large onions (cut up into wedges)

6 large carrots (diced)

6 marrows (split lengthways in 4 long strips)

1 Butternut (careful not to cut yourself while peeling the skin)

2 cups white rice

Salt, pepper, origanum, rosemary

Olive oil

Chicken stock



A slow food convivium for kids is now planned for the Garden Route.

Oakhill Grade 3 Team Build

Oakhill private school in Knysna held a sleep-over team build at Bootcamp on Thursday 22 November. 30 grade 3 pupils attended and four teachers were in attendance. They started with an introduction to the Bootcamp Code of Honour, followed by a route march to the Wolwe River for a swim and back to the farm. After lunch they were divided into groups for courses in first aid, self defence and team building. This was followed by going though the obstacle course and a game of soccer. The group then cooled off in the farm dam and took some leisure time before dinner. Games were played in the boma around a friendly camp fire and all were asleep at 9pm. Next morning they were taught the basics of Newtons Laws of gravity and how to make air rockets from 2L plastic bottles. The morning was rounded off with a game of cricket.

Organiser Mark Stevenson says the event was a big success and the children really enjoyed themselves. “Some of the kids had never slept away from home and they all handled the overnight very well. It taught them to interact with their friends, they learnt the basics of self defence and first aid and had lots of fun. We hope to include some basic astronomy, field guiding and cooking into the next course.”