Oakhill Grade 3 Team Build

Oakhill private school in Knysna held a sleep-over team build at Bootcamp on Thursday 22 November. 30 grade 3 pupils attended and four teachers were in attendance. They started with an introduction to the Bootcamp Code of Honour, followed by a route march to the Wolwe River for a swim and back to the farm. After lunch they were divided into groups for courses in first aid, self defence and team building. This was followed by going though the obstacle course and a game of soccer. The group then cooled off in the farm dam and took some leisure time before dinner. Games were played in the boma around a friendly camp fire and all were asleep at 9pm. Next morning they were taught the basics of Newtons Laws of gravity and how to make air rockets from 2L plastic bottles. The morning was rounded off with a game of cricket.

Organiser Mark Stevenson says the event was a big success and the children really enjoyed themselves. “Some of the kids had never slept away from home and they all handled the overnight very well. It taught them to interact with their friends, they learnt the basics of self defence and first aid and had lots of fun. We hope to include some basic astronomy, field guiding and cooking into the next course.”